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MN Shutdown: Can I still get my car tabs?

July 13, 2011

Like many Minnesotans, I’ve been scrambling to understand how the MN government shutdown affects my daily life. For one thing, my car tabs expire this month but the State’s DMV website is shut down. What’s a driver to do?

Fortunately Minnesota has “deputy registrars,” privately run offices throughout the state where folks can handle many of their vehicle and licensing needs. Because they’re not run by the State, the offices are open despite the government shutdown.

My nearest deputy registrar is located at Sears by the State Capitol, and I confirmed with them via e-mail that yes, I can renew my car tabs. At the time I hadn’t received my renewal notice (it came late last week), but the deputy registrar’s office said the notice is just a reminder, and is not required to purchase new car tabs.

To find your nearest deputy registrar, click here. To find your state representatives and ask them to end the darn shutdown, click here. You can also reach Governor Dayton’s office here.

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